Frank is a dramatic comedy about the eponymous character, a band leader wearing a big fake papier-mâché head. The narrative is told through Jon, an amateur keyboardist and aspiring song-writer. Jon becomes by chance the keyboardist of Frank’s band and joins them in a retreat as they try to record their album. We are then introduced to the band members : the silent Nana, the French Baraque, the muse Clara and the agalmatophile Don. Much of the story revolves around Frank’s genius and the unorthodox methods he uses to motivate his colleagues The tale takes another tone when the band is asked (thanks to Jon’s efforts) to play SXSW.
Undeniably, this movie is driven by the remarkably physical performance by Michael Fassbender who, under an inexpressive mask, exhibits a surprisingly wide emotional spectrum. But such feat could not be accomplished if it weren’t for the supporting characters, who enhanced the overall wackiness of this flick.
Verdict : Frank is a genuine comedy, raising serious questions about normalcy and creativity.


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