Gone Girl

Now what to think of Gone Girl ?
As one would expect from a Fincher movie, shot composition is perfect, the editing is flawless and the music adds perfectly to the eerie atmosphere (thanks Trent Reznor!). With a solid cast (except for Neil Patrick Harris), Fincher sells this dark domestic thriller to its audience. But if you would think about the plot longer than 30 seconds, the movie loses its magic and collapses to be just another Preposterous Thriller.
Giving any details about the plot would be saying too much. So, for the sake of not ruining this movie, I’ll just say “go see it for yourself, and make up your mind about it.
All in all, this movie delves into the psyches of its main characters, is well paced and always one step ahead of the viewer. A good cinematic experience I admit, but is it Fincher’s best ? Absolutely not.


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