Alright, let’s get it over with.
Lucy is this regular blond who gets jacked up on some new drug, a drug that lets her use her brain in full capacity. That’s it. That’s the movie.
Forget about plots, plot devices, leitmotivs, twists, emotional depth or anything else. This whole movie is an excuse to show you how awesome it is to have total control over your brain.
So sit down and watch as Scarlett Johansson unlocks more and more of her cerebral power to eventually become a omnipresent omnipotent entity beyond space and time.
Character-wise, the movie uses the same old recipe: Morgan Freeman does what he does best, exposition; Amr Waked, in my opinion, wastes the opportunity of an international breakthrough and delivers a flat and shallow performance as the useless sidekick; Choi Min-sik is intimidating as the bad guy, but not enough.
Luc Besson proves, again, that he can take a very promising idea only to turn it into a generic sci-fi action flick so unfocused it becomes inconsistent with itself.


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