Marian Dora, the German sicko disguised as a filmmaker, tackles the already controversial real life case of self-admitted cannibal and murderer Armin Meiwes, and delivers an equally controversial film, simply titled “Cannibal”.

The movie follows the titular cannibal (named The Man), a computer repair technician, as he prowls Internet forum and chat-rooms talking about his cannibalistic tendencies and looking for a willing victim to satisfy his desires. After many failed attempts, he finally meets with a vorarephiliac man (referred to as The Flesh). The two meet, have passionate sex and then cut, fry and try to eat The Flesh’s penis. After the victim dies from bleeding, The Man proceeds to dismember his body, cook and taste some of its meat, and masturbate to footage of the operation.

In all fairness, this film is well-made: the minimalist score and the camera angles create a suffocating atmosphere of claustrophobia, the gurgling and gory special effect are very well used to accentuate the feeling of reality, and the actors did a good job depicting nihilistic people with absolutely no moral values.

Alas, technical achievements and fidelity to source material don’t necessarily make a good movie. So, this feature falls down to be just a piece of gay snuff exploitation trash. A nasty and disturbing one.